100 Old Testament Quotes by Jesus

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In this colorful foldout chart, you can see 100 times when Jesus used the Old Testament in His teachings. With both Old and New Testament references side by side, you can compare Old Testament scriptures with how Christ used them to teach his followers in the New Testament.

Jesus frequently quoted the Old Testament prophets to reveal to His disciples who He was and what would happen in the last days. He referred to Old Testament people such as Noah, David and the Queen of Sheba and to stories like the manna in the wilderness and Jonah and the great fish. He used words and concepts from the Hebrew Scriptures that His Jewish audience would have been very familiar with.

Also includes:

  • Jesus’ view of the Hebrew Scriptures
  • The Bible Jesus read
  • How Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament promises

ISBN 9781649380500


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