Carta Wall Maps:Jesus and the Apostles

Carta Jerusalem

ISBN-13: 9789652209030
Number of Pages: 10
Binding: Fold-out book
Trim: 10" x 14"
Published: 09/01/2019


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Bring Jesus and the Apostles to life in your classroom or Sunday school with these attractive, full-color maps. Specially designed as a teacher’s aid, these wall maps show key events and journeys from the time of Christ, such as towns and villages visited by Jesus, journeys of the apostle Paul, the Sea of Galilee, and more.

Also included with the maps is an additional handbook.

This product includes:

• 10 full-size (28 x 40 in) sheets with a total of 14 maps covering every aspect of Jesus and the apostles

• FREE Jesus and the Apostles handbook! This 16-page 8 x 12 booklet contains the same 14 full-color maps from the wall map set, as well as explanatory notes by Professor Michael Avi-Yonah, a chronological table, and an index of place names

Key points and features:

• Brilliant full color

• Large and clearly presented

• No need for special equipment or lighting

• Ideal for use in school, Sunday school, Bible class, Bible college or seminary

• Suitable for adults or children

• An economical and attractive way of bringing Jesus and the apostles to life


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