Deliver Us : Finding Hope in the Psalms for Moments of Desperation

Michele Howe

ISBN-13: 9781683073079
Number of Pages:
Binding: Paperback
Trim: 5.5" x 8.5"
Published: 07/01/2020


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Based on the book of Psalms, Deliver Us addresses difficult and life-harrowing situations, and offers encouragement on how to get through them. In true Michele Howe style, this book includes thirty chapters composed of real-life accounts, “Take-Away Action Thoughts,” prayers, and insights for when times are dark.

How does one survive a financial crisis? What hope is there for people living with chronic pain? How can couples cope with marital impasses? Each of these true stories is then paired with a specific psalm that communicates the resolve to trust in God’s faithfulness and rescue.

The pairing of these dire-straits situations with a powerfully redemptive psalm offers substantive hope and encouragement in spite of these heartrending experiences.

Key points and features:

  1. Provides profound guidance and hope through true stories and psalms.
  2. Includes an essay focusing on the specific chapter topic.
  3. Includes a “Take-Away Action Thought” for further application.
  4. Provides prayers and suggestions for how to use psalms.




1. Enduring the Valley of Depression

2. Loving a Prodigal Child

3. Overcoming Impossible Marital Impasses

4. Living with Chronic Pain

5. Being Purposeful in Spite of Joblessness

6. Surviving a Financial Crisis

7. Finding Comfort and Solace in the Midst of Loneliness

8. Making Peace with Unanswered Prayer

9. Living with Addiction

10. Healing After Divorce

11. Finding Contentment in Childlessness

12. Staying Hopeful Though Life-Weary and Exhausted

13. Trusting a Just God after Being Victimized

14. Choosing Forgiveness When Wronged

15. Thriving after the Loss of a Spouse

16. Giving Our Reputation to God

17. Living as an Orphan

18. Caregiving a Formerly Neglectful Parent

19. Fighting a Recurring Battle with Cancer

20. Aging with Grace and Dignity

21. Finding Rest in God Alone

22. Creating Healthy Boundaries with Ungodly Family Members

23. Finding a Church Family after a Church Split

24. Leaning on God for the Stamina to Raise a Grandchild

25. Giving a Lifelong Dream Back to God

26. Loving a Spouse Who Is Unloving

27. Telling the Truth When a Lie Would Be Easier

28. Learning Godly Contentment No Matter What

29. Embracing God’s Plan of Suffering with Grace

30. Holding Jesus Dearer Than Anything Else on Earth


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