GBS Large Print Septuagint

Alfred Rahlfs, Robert Hanhart

ISBN-13: 9781683072973
Number of Pages: 2201
Binding: Hardback
Trim: 15.5cm x 23.7cm
Published: 12/01/2019


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Since its publication in 1935, the Alfred Rahlfs edition of the Septuagint has been the foundation for Septuagint research around the world and an indispensable tool for theological and philological studies. Robert Hanhart’s improved and updated edition, which was published in 2006, contains the complete text of the Greek Old Testament, a text-critical apparatus, and an introduction in German, English, Latin, and modern Greek.

The Large-Print Septuaginta (Rahlfs-Hanhart Edition), which was previously only available as a reduced-font study edition, now appears in the same (more readable) format of the original first edition, with wide margins that are perfect for taking notes. In addition, this handsome volume is bound with thread stitching and is covered with high-quality linen cloth, making it ideally suited for intensive use and study. The Large-Print Septuaginta (Rahlfs-Hanhart Edition) is a musthave for every humanities reference library and would be a practical and beautiful addition to any home or office library.

Key points and features:

• Readable large font and wide margins for note taking

• High-quality linen cloth with durable binding will stand up to years of heavy use


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