Inscriptions From The World Of The Bible : A Reader And Introduction To Old Northwest Semitic

Peter Bekin

ISBN-13: 9781683072096
Number of Pages: 300
Binding: Hardback
Trim: 7" x 10"
Published: 08/01/2020


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Inscriptions from the World of the Bible guides readers through the most significant Northwest Semitic inscriptions from the early first millennium BCE. These texts—most of which are written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Phoenician, or Moabite—are contemporary with the period of the Israelite and Judean monarchies and provide valuable historical and literary context for the Hebrew Bible.

The book begins with an overview of the Northwest Semitic languages, an explanation of the methods of historical linguistics, and a brief comparative grammar. The explanations are geared toward readers with some prior knowledge of Biblical Hebrew, and special emphasis is placed on historical Hebrew grammar. The text selections are grouped by language, and each section includes a brief overview of the distinctive features of the language as well as a glossary. Texts are presented in a “reader” format with commentary on significant lexical, grammatical, and literary features.

Key points and features:

• Another addition to Hendrickson’s trusted and respected line of biblical studies books

• Showcases texts from the first millenium BCE that provide valuable and historical context for the Hebrew Bible

• Includes text selections, commentary, and glossaries


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