Jesus Conversations : Effective Everyday Engagement

Dave Sterrett

ISBN-13: 9781683073123
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Published: 06/01/2020


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Jesus Conversations

Effective Everyday Engagement

Dave Sterrett

Jesus Conversations, written by Dave Sterrett, is a practical how-to guide for Christians who want to share their faith in more effective and natural ways.

How are we to talk about Jesus to someone who does not believe the way we do? Very few of us feel comfortable articulating the truthfulness of Christ’s death and resurrection to a peer outside of the church. Sometimes Christians feel intimidated by the objections of unbelievers who may say, “That’s right for you, but not for me” or “That’s just your opinion.” This book provides questions, answers, and relational tips in overcoming these conversation stoppers. Along with biblical insights and apologetics, readers will see firsthand examples and stories of ordinary people who share the gospel while visiting nursing homes, throwing parties, renting out bars for open- minded skeptics, and more.

Sterrett’s book equips followers of Jesus to become winsome and confident in communicating the truths of the gospel to nonbelivers. It would be most effective for college students and will resonate with those who are familiar with the I Am Second movement.

Key points and features:

• Provides strategies and practical insights to help Christians become courageous in engaging in conversations with those who might not believe in the authority of the Bible.

• Practical, relatable, and accessible.


About the Author

Dave Sterrett is the president of Disruptive Truth. He authored or co-authored nine books, including the Wall Street Journal best-seller I Am Second, Why Trust Jesus, and We Choose Life. He co-authored The Coffeehouse Chronicles series with Josh McDowell and has equipped many churches across America in evangelism, bioethics, and apologetics. After graduating from Liberty University (BA in Religion), he was mentored by Dr. Norman Geisler at Southern Evangelical Seminary (MA in Apologetics). He studied ethics at the University of Dallas (MA in Philosophy) and published his thesis, Aborting Aristotle: Examining Fatal Fallacies in the Abortion Debate (St. Augustine’s Press). Sterrett taught at Liberty University and Prestonwood Christian Academy before entering medical sales and cancer diagnostics.







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