New Testament Papyri P45, P46, P47 : Facsimiles

Stratton L Ladewig, Robert D. Marcello, Daniel B. Wallace

ISBN-13: 9781619708440
Number of Pages: 640
Binding: Slipcased
Trim: 9" x 12"
Published: 01/12/2020


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This New Testament Papyri facsimile collection brings three of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible to a modern audience. The partially preserved papyrus codices P45, P46, and P47 are dated from the third century and contain passages from all four Gospels, the book of Acts, the Pauline epistles, the book of Hebrews, and the book of Revelation, making them some of the most significant witnesses to early Christian Scripture that exist today. This collection bears heavily on our current understanding of the origins of the biblical text.

Here published in facsimile for the first time in over 80 years, this collection—created by the groundbreaking digitization work of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, under the direction of Dr. Daniel B. Wallace—updates the previously published edition, which was produced from 1933 to 1937.

Printed in duplicate against white and black backgrounds, the high-resolution images in this facsimile edition reproduce the fragmented papyri in stunning clarity at their actual size, offering scholars and students of New Testament manuscripts an unparalleled encounter with these crucial witnesses to the Bible’s textual history.


Key points and features:

•Stunning facsimile collection of third-century biblical texts.

•Two identical facsimile volumes show fragmented papyri in striking clarity on both black and white backgrounds.

•Facsimile of P45 includes reuniting smaller fragments, subsequently discovered, with their known leaves.

•Created by the groundbreaking digitization efforts of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.

•High-quality 4-color images, with ribbon markers.


About the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

Founded by Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, CSNTM utilizes emerging technologies to preserve and study Greek New Testament manuscripts. They have collaborated with more than forty institutions across four continents to produce thousands of images of New Testament manuscripts. In the process, CSNTM has discovered scores of New Testament manuscripts.


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