The Complete BasisBibel : The Bible in Simplified German (Compact Hardcover Edition)

German Bible Society

ISBN-13: 9781683074021
Number of Pages: 1968
Binding: Hardback
Trim: 5.47" x 7.8"
Published: 07/01/2021


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Since the publication of the previous excerpted editions, the BasisBibel has been hailed in the English-speaking world by students and professors of German alike. Each sentence contains no more than 16 words and no more than one subordinating clause. With its concise sentences, contemporary German, and straightforward explanations of key biblical words and concepts in the margins, it is the perfect German Bible translation for the student of German. It can also be read in a variety of formats, including tablets, computers, and smartphones, and additional background information on the content is available online.

Now that the full translation of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament has been completed for the BasisBibel, we are pleased to be able to offer The Complete BasisBibel: The Bible in Simplified German. This new translation is notable in that the character of the Hebrew poetry remains recognizable in the German version; the text lines reflect the typical parallel structure of Hebrew poetry and are therefore ideal for both personal and class reading. The consistently rhythmic language and the extensive retention of the unique metaphorical expression of the original text make the reading of the poetical portions of the Bible in German a delight.

The Complete BasisBibel: The Bible in Simplified German is well-suited for all students of German, students of theological German, and graduate students who must learn German for research.

The Complete BasisBibel: The Bible in Simplified German at a glance:

A translation that is true to the text and also easy to understand.

Reader-friendly text design through a consistent division of the text into units of meaning.

In the Psalms, the parallel structure of Hebrew poetry is retained in the German translation and in the layout of the text.

Numerous short explanations and definitions of key biblical words and concepts in the margins.


About the Author

The Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society) is a not-for-profit religious foundation. It is engaged in translation of the Scriptures, the development and dissemination of innovative Bible editions, and in giving all people access to the message of the Bible. It bears international responsibility for scholarly Bible editions in the original languages. Through its international programs, in collaboration with other members of the United Bible Societies, it supports translation and distribution of the Bible worldwide, so that everyone can read the Bible in their own language.




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