The Super-Sized Book of Bible Craft Gifts

Rebecca White, Karen Whiting

ISBN-13: 9781649380388
Number of Pages: 256
Binding: Paperback
Trim: 8.375" x 11"
Published: 01/12/2021


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Enjoy dozens of hands-on craft gifts and activities that help kids combine creativity, communication skills, and kindness to help them share their faith and generosity with others! This fully reproducible book shows kids how to make inexpensive items from paper, plus shares how to communicate and encourage others through written words. Each craft and activity has:

  • Bible story reference
  • Memory verse
  • “What you need” list
  • “What to do” instructions

The Super-Sized Book of Bible Craft Gifts is full of fun for kids! Whether adding a little pizazz to a gift, sending a sympathy card with a heartfelt message, creating a centerpiece full of messages, or writing a note to thank someone, children will have fun, learn to communicate with style and grace, build faith memories, and bless others with kind thoughts and encouraging gifts.

Paperback, 256 pages, 8.375 x 11 inches, ISBN 9781649380388.

4 Key Features of The Super-Sized Book of Bible Craft Gifts by RoseKidz(r)

  1. Age-Appropriate: Exciting crafts and activities to engage your students in important Bible lessons. Includes fun, kid-friendly Bible topics to get even the fussiest kids engaged! Enjoy having safe and easy crafts that your kids will love doing all by themselves as you teach the lesson!
  2. Fully Reproducible: Save time and money with just the push of a button on your copier! Prep Bible lessons and crafts in a zip! Used weekly, this book will last Sunday school teachers over a year and can easily be repeated!
  3. Quick Prep and Easy on the Wallet!: Spend less time and money prepping your Bible lesson when you easily remove and copy these perforated fully-reproducible Bible crafts that your kids can’t wait to get their playful hands on! Each craft calls for simple household items and materials that are already found around your home or classroom! With just the push of a button on your copier, you’ll be teaching and entertaining your children in no time!
  4. Packed with More than 80 Sunday School Bible Crafts and Projects! More than 80 crafts, lessons, and activities that teach meaningful Bible stories in just a matter of moments! Great for before or after Sunday school, homeschool, or to supplement any Bible lesson!
  5. Features Memory Verses and Bible Stories: Introduce important Bible lessons and stories to your kids with fun crafts! They won’t believe they’re learning at the same time!

Whether you use them for kids church or in your home, you will be reinforcing Scripture and stories from the Bible and creatively making a permanent impression on the hearts of your children.

Enjoy Dozens of Exciting Paper Craft Gifts With Related Bible Lessons!

  • Spinning Star Glider (Shining Your Light for God)
  • Custom Paper Dolls (Clothing Yourself with the Holy Spirit)
  • Twirling Creature Card (God’s Creatures)
  • Magnetic Fishing Game (Fishers of Men)
  • And much more!

About the Series:

The Super-Sized Books series provides you with an ENORMOUS number of time-tested, kid-approved activities and games that reinforce Bible lessons and home devotions and bring the fun back to learning. These one-stop, must-have books are a must for every person teaching children God’s truth.

Other Titles in the Series

  • The Super-Sized Book of Bible Coloring and Art (9781584111528)
  • The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities (9781584111559)
  • The Super-Sized Book of Bible Games (9781628625462)

About the Authors

Rebecca White is a pastor’s wife with a degree in education. She loves directing youth programs and working with girls, has written for Clubhouse and Live Wire, and has taught workshops for teachers on hands on learning.

Karen Whiting is an international speaker, former television host, and award-winning author of eighteen books. She has written over 800 pieces for sixty publications. Whiting currently writes for Leading Hearts Magazine, The Christian Communicator, and Crosswalk.


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