Top 50 Bib Stor about Jesus Presch : Ages 2-5

ISBN-13: 9781628629736
Number of Pages: 256
Binding: Paperback
Trim: 8.4" x 11"
Published: 01/01/2021


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These Top 50 Bible Stories about Jesus for Preschool have everything you need to teach little ones ages two to five for a whole year! It’s filled with:

  • Great Bible stories
  • Step-by-step, easy-to-use instructions
  • Fun, hands-on activities
  • And TONS of reproducible pages

These lessons have everything you need to reach young children with Bible stories about God’s Son, Jesus. The book is split into three sections (Jesus’ Birth and Childhood; Jesus’ Life and Ministry; and Jesus’ Last Days, Death, and Resurrection), with each chapter focusing on a specific Bible passage about Jesus. Each chapter includes:

  • A Bible Story
  • A Memory Verse
  • Discussion Questions
  • Instructions and Materials List (for crafts, games, puzzles, and snacks depending on the chapter)
  • Take-Home Paper

4 Key Features of Top 50 Bible Stories About Jesus for Preschool

  1. Covers the top 50 all-in-one lessons from the Bible about Jesus in an ENTIRE year’s worth of curriculum that can be used over and over!
  2. Includes lessons perfect for Christmas and Easter.
  3. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow object lessons that apply the message of the story in a hands-on way.
  4. Quick and easy-to-use resource for teachers. Includes a Bible story, object lesson and 2-3 reproducible and volunteer-friendly activities per lesson.

Enjoy Having Top 50 Bible Stories About Jesus for Sunday School Lessons

Here are just some of the incredible lessons this reproducible book covers:

Jesus’ Birth

  • A Savior is Coming
  • The Angel’s Good News
  • The Wise Men Look for Jesus
  • Jesus Grows Up (and more!)

Jesus’ Life and Ministry

  • Jesus is Baptized
  • Jesus Feeds the 5,000
  • Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter (and more!)

Jesus’ Last Days, Death, and Resurrection

  • Jesus Serves the Last Supper
  • Jesus Is Alive!
  • Jesus is With Us (and more!)

Fully reproducible paperback, 256 pages, 8.375 x 11 inches, ISBN 978-1-62862-973-6.

About the Top 50 Series

The Top 50 series aims to create the top resources for children’s ministries. Some are created from top authors and teachers in children’s ministries. Others combine some of our best lessons from favorite RoseKidz products (previously Rainbow Publishers) into a new, updated format. Enjoy the quick and easy-to-use reproducible resources packed with lessons, activities, and crafts. Includes top lessons every child should know that are volunteer and child-friendly!


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